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Ugly Nigga Classic T-shirt


Ugly Nigga Classic T-shirts, like the original Michael Jordan shoes, were the 1st and most popular version of the Ugly Nigga brand and has sold the most over our 10 year run. It goes without saying that we look with a smile as over 10,000 people have adorned this shirt since our debut in 2007.

Ugly Nigga Retro T-shirt


Ugly Nigga Retro T-shirts, jumped out into the publics eye and cought fire in 2012 - 2013 year. This design was a definite plus in addition to the UN brand and its intial success. The contrasting two tone white "Ugly" and black "Nigga" print on the chest looks dynamic and is a worthwild purchase. 

Ugly Nigga Mexico T-shirt


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