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Wood Stalker / Episode #35
starring Lori Rose

9:30 pm on the outskirts of a small town in the state of Colorado...there were several Sheriff's cars bunched up at the end of the road...the Sheriff were combing the edge of the pathway that led into the woods...two dogs were yelping was evident...the dogs had lost the trail...the lead was cold. The suspect had eluded their pursuit for the second time this week and Sheriff, Julian MacDonald was non to pleased.

Sheriff MacDonald: "The fuck is going on here? These damn dogs couldn't smell a skunk taking a shit three feet in front of them! Deputy Sarah Whitfield...see if you can get some units to cover the north side of the forest over on Truman rd...and tell em we are gonna need a bird to go up top."

Deputy Whitfield: "I'll get right on it sir."

Sheriff MacDonald: "We have to capture this stalker, he's already eluded police agencies in Oakland, L.A., Chicago and New York and I'll be damned if I gotta go before the media having to explain this shit."

Deputy Whitfield: " you think there are any residencies in this part of the forest...the stalker might take refuge with an unsuspecting house hold?"

Through the thickness of the forest the stalker runs weaving past trees, bushes and wades through a near by stream to press forward with his aimless flight for freedom...until he stumbles upon a small cabin almost hidden in the night surrounded by shrubbery, growing plants and roofing trees...the only clear visible sign was the light coming from the bedroom of the abode. He peered through the window piercing the small slither in the curtains as he saw Lori Rose laying atop her bed...she was nude...he took sight of her thighs and the curves of her frame...his heart rate began to calm and his blood started to flow...his arousal had risen...he needed entry into the house...if they were going to take might as well be while he was in the act of taking what he wanted...

11:30 pm Over the top of the forest two police helicopters run scout over the area...

Helicopter 1 pilot #1 Bobby Machado: "The visibility is very poor from up here, the search light can't get through the trees."

Helicopter 1 pilot #2 Frank Phillips: "This is bad...these birds don't have military tech like infrared, night vision, x-ray vision...damn things might as well have cataract."

Helicopter 2 pilot #1 Fred Harris: "Roger that, we are experiencing the same problem...I think we got a better chance of spotting Big Foot and his kids than locating this stalker guy."

Helicopter 2 pilot #2 Kris Lee Fouche: "Okay...they're telling us to run scout for another half hour or so...cover the open roads just in case he can be seen in between the thickest or maybe speeding in a vehicle."

12:00 am the back door of Lori Rose's cabin the Stalker has managed to work the lock and enters through the kitchen...he nears the room with the light coming from underneath the door...and slowly...he opens it...Lori raises from her sheets covering herself...the Stalker is on her before she can react...his hands cover her mouth as she sinks back into the pillow...her strength is as of nothing as he pins her to the bed...he leans down and in a deep voice that flows through her ears as he speaks...

"I don't want to hurt you...but I will."

 His eyes are fiery red and his skin is hot to the touch...his fingers begin to peruse her mound...he attempts to couple his mouth over hers...she turns her head...his hand grips her neck and makes her face him...he tries again and now the result is different as his tongue glides against hers...her will slowly slipping away as the moment mounts...his growling voice directing threats towards her if she doesn't comply...her knees shake with fear of his intentions...his rough hands grope her breast as he squeezes her nipples...his mouth begins to cover her neck while his hand separates her legs...Lori...continues to think that this is a bad dream and that she will wake up...but...this dream never wakes her...and what happens next let's her penetrating head bends into her...dipping in and out but not fully submerging...only coaxing her outer lips...he continues to dip...and...dip...the lathering of her pocket starts to moisten...he takes it deeper with the next stroke...she feels him filling up her he moves in deeper...Lori has been divorced for the past 3 years and since then she has lived a life of seclusion away from the town residing in this forest...driving for groceries and other things of need here and there..but she had avoided being social with any man for that period of she is here in her own bed with a maniac who has forced himself onto her...and he is now fully submerged...his back muscles flexing as he dives into her...his plunge creates a suction noise that repeats itself along with noise of the bed and the head board that knocks against the her voice escapes and joins the chorus of noise...

Lori: "Ohhh...ohhh please....please stop...stop...I...I...I..."

Her muscles start to convulse and her cream covers his shaft...his stroke is rubbing against her walls...she starts to convulse again...her fingers dig into his chest...he holds her by her neck and chokes her while her cream floods over the bed sheets...he pushes harder and punishes her sensitivity until she screams...he releases his hold on her neck...she sucks in as much air as possible...then he resumes his hold and strokes her harder...she floods again...and again...and...again...the whirling noise of the helicopter passes is near...salvation is at hand...they will rescue her...thank god...she floods again right on top of his shaft...and again...maybe...just maybe...she doesn't need that help anymore. Or maybe...she doesn't want end.

3:30 am...

Sheriff MacDonald: "Okay...we are at the front of the cabin...Whitfield go around the back were going in at the same time."

Deputy Whitfield: "Positioning now sir."

Sheriff and deputies fill the house cabin with weapons drawn... barging into Lori's bedroom...only to find her in her robe sitting up against her pillows reading her book, "50 Shades Of Grey"...

Lori: "Can I help you?"

Sheriff McDonald: "We are looking for a dangerous criminal...our dog unit has tracked his scent to this spot."

The canines however start to yelp again and stir around the cabin aimlessly...

Deputy Whitfield: "Sir...the dogs have lost his scent again."

Sheriff MacDonald: "'ve gotta be fuckin kidding me?"

The Stalker makes his way through a narrow tunnel underneath the house...a route provided by Lori as she had lifted the door below her bed and instructed the Stalker to would lead him to a outing behind a water fall and from there give him a good head start.

4:00 pm...the media are outside the department waiting for Sharif MacDonald...inside...

Sheriff MacDonald: "Deputy some bullshit."

7:30 pm...In the house cabin in the woods...Lori looks out of her window...hoping for the return of the Stalker...but she knows he is long for now...

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